pictures of forgotten names...
recollections - composite graphic


She counts
lovingly separating them:
friends in her litany
of strangers.

Time, right now
is abundant:
her string of warm pearls
each one caressed in its turn
soft chatter
of afternoon sunshine,
attic dreams
filled with clutter
of pasts still possible,
reminiscence, small doorways
to linger by.

Reality sleeps
in the windowsill,
panes whisper
in sepia-toned haze,
held between pages
of forgotten names,
her crowd of waiting memories
laid to rest in cardboard coffins
periodically resurrected:
recurring sťances
in the privacy
of her faithful visits.

Enfolding herself
in autumn-wheat hues
and magnolia winters
she dwells
brushing the past
with tingling skin:
relived, the rose
bares no thorns.
Pressed soft between thoughts
carnation smiles keep -
With the wallflower
someone once placed
in her hair with a kiss
never wilting.

© Jon Bohrn (2001)



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