I have found
my new-found
fascination with the ledge
that's on the forty-second floor
and I steal up here
to visit
like a lover
at those times I'd
fear to leave
and fear to stay
I can see
the world stretched
out beneath me
like the worn rug in my room
way below is just a small step and
I wonder could I ever
soar above it or
just end devoured
as an offering
to the ground
and the wind
claws ruthless through me
it can own me or
caress me
as it feels me in its whim
on the ledge my
fears can tempt me and
they'll whisper my seduction
when I'm strong
or very weak
and my toes
have found their
spot to nestle on the ledge
reminding me when
I was small and stood upon
the water's edge
with bare heels safely in the sand
and dad in hand my toes would
bravely dab
at frightening waves
and I think
now on the ledge that
the exciting things again
are down below my toes
and I scare the pigeons half
to death when
I'm out here and just
once more
I'll curse my heels
 for being scared
Jon Bohrn (1997)


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