Is there enough time

for the things we each dream as we hurry?

We're charting the paths of our lives

you here and I there

how long have you stopped in this place

where I found you

how long since the time I first knew

that this life doesn't wait

keep moving, keep seeking

hearts, dreams on the line we call life

we each follow

you here, and I there

our journeys like different hands

on the dial that measures our time,

and not looking back

on forks in the road now gone by

the lives that we've passed

for the ones we've entwined

the choices, the tears --

and facing each other right now,

you and I

our quick glance and smile

the small gifts we take on our way

And lately I fear the regret

of letting you past me

without having once said a word,

not daring to ask for your time.

You'll follow your life as before

I'll travel mine -- so how long will I wonder

just who you were, had I known.

But then, I won't know --

life presses on

and there's always

not enough time...


© Jon Bohrn (1998)



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