Oceanside II (Colors)
Standing alone by the ocean
at twilight I watched 
as the colors of waves 
and the evening sky became one 
in a dusky lilac and blue --
The only thing that was different then
between sand and the waves and the sky
was then no longer colors 
but a difference of textures;
and it occurred to me then
that everything we, beloved and I
disagree and fight on at times
is really the same, so why don't we just see
our lives as a difference of textures.
and I realized then, my brother and I, 
I can no longer fight you, it's not worth this hatred
we're just really not that much different at all.
But I did not have for this new idea
a pencil or paper to write on;
so I scratched it in sand,
and then after the tide
had come and had washed it away,
inspiration had left, I'd forgotten my thoughts
and my world is now still as it was…
Jon Bohrn (1998)



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