Oceanside VIII (Jellyfish)
In the midst of the surf’s roar
in patient retreat
from the rippled, wavewashed
sand of a beach
the still, clear blob of a jellyfish
lies alone in the sand
surrounded by
abandoned puddles of sea.
Jon Bohrn (1998)

Oceanside IX (To a dead loon)
I’m sorry to see, Mr. Loon
that you are here all alone,
sprawled on your side in the surf,
waves flowing endless
through mottled drenched feathers,
your legs parchment twigs,
your eyes unseeing,
your half-open beak
now buried in surf and the sand.
If you were alive
you’d think it undignified
to have someone like me
approach you so close
and gawk at what’s left
of your once-birdlike splendor.
I promise,
I shall remember you
in your better days.
Jon Bohrn (1998)



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