The Horrible Girl



(with insincere apologies to D.J.C., and T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats") 





You're bound to have heard

Horrible Girl  (illustration art by L. Manne)


of the Horrible Girl --


She can wreak more havoc


than a houseful of cats!


Her presence in public


can cause whirls of commotion


"It's the Horrible Girl!"


they all scream while they scat!




The Horrible Girl


(like a Jellicle Cat)


is decidedly graceful and small


but spot from somewhere


her mane of blond hair


and that should be your signal to run!




The Horrible Girl


has an acidly tongue


of which she's decidedly proud


and it's widely known


that she's never too shy


to give you that piece of her mind.




The Horrible Girl


has a bad attitude


that scours like rocks in a tub


it's been rumored her stare


has demolished small towns


and could wither most people to stubs.




You should never provoke


the Horrible Girl


she's not much afraid of a fight


you're bound to emerge


somewhat damaged and maimed


and that's if you're someone she likes!


But it's true no one here


ever called her a bore,


and she never said


she was nice!




© Jon Bohrn (1998)



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