Lorelei recalled
Serene siren, 
my fellow traveler, 
slightly unwilling argonaut-friend:
Our listing ship sails
to exotic nights spent abroad,
the shared shock, recalling
irons and stoves 
left burning back home;
cheek-to-warm-cheek's ginger foxtrot 
to lilting empathy's strains
trying hard to miss our feet, 
occasionally missing the floor;
blissfully bearing ourselves
gifts of confusion,
running small squeaking thoughts off the rails;
two gentle feared ships
ambling through bus depots, lost,
snagging innocent icebergs
on soft tangled tethers.
© Jon Bohrn (1999)
Lorelei (lÝre-lÓ, lore-) noun
A siren of Germanic legend whose singing lures sailors to shipwreck.

Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1958)


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