study in progeny
You welcome strangers to hallways,
some of whom having no idea why they came,
yet all waiting.
you greet them with gifted compassion
I silently wonder how well you can keep
recognition's stark secrets.
And did Charon, ferrying gleaming warriors
across his domain, secretly spirit a daughter
into the light, cheating the gods of the sacrifice
her name would have made her,
and would she remember her past,
one whose eyes only saw the Agean
her skies drenched bright blue: how many ships
did you silently launch that you now never mention?
I've seen you dressed up in shadows, the ones with the memories,
adorned in your sliver of dark, your birthstone amulet.
child of light, dark rivers run deep to their pale arctic oceans --
do you, still, sometimes, long
for the place that you left?
Jon Bohrn (1999)



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Charon ferrying across the river Styx