rain revisited
child of rain,
windowpanes glisten their tears
to indifferent grays of the day;
in the dusk of a season,
a time you'd not tell,
you chose to leave it behind --
fleeing your deluge
your firm ground's
sinking betrayal
leaving the hands of close bridges
with nothing to hold but yourself.
and you show me strong smiles,
and steep granite resolve
that things weak and warm 
would erode from;
you forget what it's like 
to wring hands of soft clay in the rain
dreams dissolving downstream
colors bleeding to gray.
child of rain,
holding firm
in your wind-driven grace,
your torrents falling in sheets
clinging to you; 
glistening shadows trace
the lines of your face,
their shimmering tear-trail that flees
a half-breath's turn from your eyes
that still hold 
light's soft sinking. 
Jon Bohrn (1999)



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Photograph with Java raindrop animation: Sorry, but your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

Raindrop effect by Anfy