Travels with Jane
Admiring the blossoms - Takebe Socho
     Admiring the Blossoms - Takebe Socho
  They fit me:
air, dust, rain
   my favorite garments   
   Wings skimming
earth's brushstrokes -
   An unexpected friend
 Song Lyrics


   Good sidewalk café -
Chattering patrons,
   fat sparrows
     My traveling companion -
Wind and sun make her face
   my favorite sculpture

   Crows' footprints'
round the pond's edge -
   Koi below.
Koi below

My Capistrano -
   faithful returns
of seasons and small prodigals
   In my lap
my crumpled old hat -
   Seattle autumn

   Having been evaluated
and found wanting -
   her cold door's farewell.
   This cat, playing -
only its claws
   are real !

If my hand hurts writing,
   I can write
about that, too.
the earth and the sky -
   rocks' silence
the love of one's life -
   A momentous occasion
   My wall calendar -
where to make room
   for "never"?

   I don't know
if the rosebush will bloom,
   but its thorns will remind me.
   Even when old,
the body still heals faster -
   My soul, hurting.

   A desert rain -
   or time wasted?
[condors over the desert]

   Coyotes don't understand
that the sky
   is a place to live in

that the sky is a place to live in
   I could draw respite
from yesterday or before
   if I still had the crayons
My neighbor's hut in the distance
   - irrelevant
during our feud
   Not easy -
choosing between
   leeks and radishes
   Small country town:
The only entertainment here,
   crows !
   Woman counting waves:
I couldn't stop
   to find out...
   Tedious morning -
Leaky boat, cold pond,
   clever fish!
   Boy facing seagulls -
Two eyes : Twenty-two eyes,
   all busy
[the jetties]

   Stern rocks -
they think the waves
   are the masochists !

they think the waves are the masochists
   My crowded hut -
Not enough room
   for me and mosquitoes, both
   This meandering path
must like
   to journey, too!
   New hiking shoes:
   even under the bed!
[getting dressed]

   Thinking I had
one more clean pair left -
   and being wrong

   This cat
   a lumpy bedspread !
The old gate -
   rust flakes settling
with the autumn leaves
A toast -
by a broken cork screw
a lot less "cooped up inside" now -
   my leaky roof
Cracks on this side
   of the wall, too !
   My love -
doesn't seem to mind too much,
   being held
   Afternoon chores -
Even disheveled,
   she's beautiful
   After the fourth bottle -
It's the best wine,
   ever !   
   My late-night drinking:
Well-deserving of the crows
   at my morning window
   Plum blossoms:
the grass softened
   their downward journey
    Morning Tide:
Inside each seashell
   small furls of silence
   A neighboring town -
Meeting her
   in the autumn sun
   Wind on the water,
evening, my thoughts of her
   a pleasant harbor
[loitering adolescents]

   Embers of their ancestors:
They do not know
   how to live !

pedestrians?    These crows on the sidewalk
must think
   they're pedestrians !
   Each day at the pier - 
anglers, baiting lures
   seagulls collecting tolls
   The pelican:
A precocious fit
   on that pier-post !
Lifting across the autumn field -
   a crow
and its cargo
   Paddle, little ducks !
I must look
   My beach shack -
seagulls auditioning
  by the window
   Feet firm in the sand
the ocean
   comes and goes...
   My sandcastle -
   by last night's tide !
even the road    Even the road
seems weary
   this autumn evening
   Summer storm
and the wind
   carries rain-scent
   Bent low,
the oak tree
   shielding the graves
   Spring rain -
Each shack
   with its very own pond !
   These sparrows -
Even their noise
   is bigger !
   A crow
chases its cry -
   Winter evening
tough neighborhood    Beach filled with seagulls -
A tough neighborhood
   for the crows
   These crows -
they must know
   where they're going
     The road at dusk:
Wondering still,
   where it would lead
   Still trying
to find home -
   Winter sunset
   A wilted rose -
   my late arrival
that beggar's pack to be mine,
   people eye me more wary
not too happy in my presence...    The egret:
Not too happy
   in my presence !
 The old clock:
so indifferent
   to our vanity
      Between blossoms:
sparrows fluttering
   with the butterflies
   The bare trees,
my spirit,
   raw from the wind
A too-long journey:
   Beginning to seem
like the same rocks, same sky
   Along the baseboards
an ant caravan
   carries off treasures
   Day ending,
I follow the road
   much more closely
   How do these crows live ?
I have nothing
   better to do...
   Seeking the wilderness:
A fine place to find
   A fine place to forget
the lives of seagulls,
   the waves come and go
autumn moon    The autumn moon -
Does it remember
   its summer ?
   Behind ivy
the old wall
   crumbles slowly
   I'd rather
be ignored by you too,
   mosquitoes !
   The old road -
a good companion
   in solitude
  The spring breeze -
sometimes helping the butterflies,
   sometimes not
  Young seagulls:
Even worse singers
   than their parents !
   Evening:  The old bridge
dividing water
   and twilight
  These ants on my roof -
Are they
   enjoying the view?
   The trees in Spring -
Each blossom
   in its very own time
   Spring morning:
A parade of ants
   on the garden path
  June morning:
A large butterfly
  stuck to my wall
   Apart from my love,
counting waves
   as they're leaving
   Village at dusk -
The roofs, a stage
   for the evening sky
   A cacophony of falling
upon the already weary:
   Winter rain
   My love's visit -
still finding teacups, coffeecups,
   days later
   The waves
speak in sparkles
   of sunlight
the branches of cherry trees    Hands entwined,
the branches of cherry trees
   facing the river
   The autumn sky -
still finding her absence
   These seagulls:
not every landing
   A fly, wringing its hands
on my notepad:
   Was it my writing ?
© Jon Bohrn (2003)
("Pirates Parrots of 2nd Street")


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