a lifeguard laments the winter
i'm in the mood
for the summer again,
when the friends I caroused with
flew from far away places
just to see me it seemed,
and I was as witty and clever as they;
staying up till the dawn
when the sun woke and solemly kissed
my deliciously tanned arms and legs
on display on the beach,
and I'd spend
all my days and my nights
half naked
and utterly beautiful
so I thought,
and I too caught myself
sneaking lusty quick glances
at myself in the glass walking by.
now it's drizzling and dreary
and I'm propped bundled up
droopyhaired pudgy and pale
to be stuck playing bridge
with the dull,
bucktoothed twins
from next door.
Jon Bohrn (1997) ("On the Water's Edge")



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