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- A -

A blank page frightens me: After the Rains - Winter '98 collection
A desert is not enough word Alexandra
A dirty beach -- here where I stand Amsterdam (Travels with Dad - IX)
a faded dry sky An encroachment of innocent sky
a few feet from the shore an ocean, you said, is like sadness:
A flight of clouds for your thoughts, child An old man paints the ocean
a flower's intensity ancestry
a foundling, this / precocious female child and all these people that i do not know
a gray sky: all day, overcast and he thinks he would know her now:
a leafless tree swaying with borrowed buds And I wanted to fall in love
a lifeguard laments the winter and in her twenty-second year...she would conclude
a man, whose future abruptly and someday in the quiet,
a morning: the freeway's thick stream anonymous
a pebble of somber black, approach
a process: a case of eventual hardening Article
a shaker of salt, half empty, Artifacts
a swallow's flight across pale blue sky Artist
A visit to the Great Wall At first light / he brings in wood
Abandon me here Athena
abode Athena, I really don't think I could love you
About the Author , About the site Aurora, the one I've decided to want in my crisis,
abruptly Autumn
admiring the lines...of your body at play Autumn Crossing - 2007 collection
after a while, there is silence awkwardness

- B -

Basho, Matsuo - Favorite Poets & Poetry boats
Belmont Shore Morning Bohrn, JonAbout the Author
Belmont Shore bottles
bike tires / struggle with asphalt bounding of Elements - 2005 collection
Bishop, Elizabeth - Favorite Poets & Poetry Brooks, Ben III - abruptly
Berry, Rachel - Favorite Poets & Poetry Brooks, Ben Jr. - An old man paints the ocean
Blues Café Brooks, Stephanie - Tribute

- C -

café noir (black coffee) come out and play, my newest friend
Carambique - 2001 collection [contemplation - wings]
carmine [contemplation - wings II]
Carol - Remembering Carol -- a collection - (1997-2000) contemplation IV (Crow)
cat at your door content
cat's cradle continued
Catal - 2002 collection Conversations #1 - [Social Event]
Cathedrals (Travels with Dad - VIII) Conversations #2 - Thoughts in the carpool
"Caution - Children" is the ice cream van's declaration Conversations #3 - element
century Crossing Portugal's edge
child of rain, cry for the hawk
cigar smoke's / curled contours crystallization
clouds cummings, e.e. - Favorite Poets & Poetry
Clouds, intervening - Fall '99 collection currents
coerced custody

- D -

Dance Floor (Travels with Dad - V) dewdrops touched / by the first shimmering fingers of light
Dawn, your promises of...all of those things discipline
Day after day, my life will collect them -- discretion
Day done, it slips below the horizon diversity
days of passage domesticity
Delayen, Linda - Favorite Poets & Poetry don't cry for the hawk, the sky's daughter,
departure driving to work in the dawn --
Descartes on the lost art of change dusk
Desert camping, California  

- E -

Ed's Restaurant - 2 AM encounter
edge estrangement
Emerging / into the night equinox

- F -

falcon Favorite Poets & Poetry
Fall Favorites from the Passage through August collections
Fall / Winter '97 collection - On the Water's Edge Felis Domesticus
Fall '98 collection - Last Days of May Firefly
  First Light
Fall '99 collection - Clouds, intervening flying
Fall/Winter '00 collection - hands of bridges Forgive this letter after thirty years
fall from the sky, breathless tumble Fortifications (Travels with Dad - VII)
Farewell to the bottles!  

- G -

game Glass Panes - Spring '99 collection
Gardening grays
geese migrating Guiding the banks of two shores
ghosts Gulf Coast, 1978

- H -

Habitat Huntington Beach I (overcast)
hands of bridges - Fall/Winter '00 collection Huntington Beach II (clutter)
Haunting Huntington Beach IV (overcast)
Having tried to imagine Huntington Beach V (Late Fall)
He places / a foot upon the path

Huntington Beach VI (seagull)

Here on our pier in the evening, Hwy 87 outside Scottsdale, AZ
How far is as you fly  

- I -

I'm marking time on the pavement I'm sorry to see, Mr. Loon that you are here all alone
I am a house unhaunted no longer will you I'm wearing / my summer skin
I am fond of you, in a way...light gleaming In a house / looking down
I can see / the snowcover / of thin possibility In a little while...your tears will dry
I can't recall which / town it was in flight
I carried / Tennyson's words in flight, where high above the earth
I could not live / in a country this small in passing
I could see / in the afterglow of dusk in passing (second time)
I could wander the afternoon / away In the days of the strong
I fear the mischief in her blue-eyed kitten-smile in the embrace of a cold misty sky
I don't want the strength In the midst of the surf's roar in patient retreat
I found your footsteps in the sand in the park
I had not paid attention In the Volksgarten (Public Gardens), Vienna (Travels with Dad - II)
I have found my new-found fascination with the ledge In the years that passed / since I fell to earth
i have no game..i play the games that others in the stage's half-dark silence,
I have questioned / the loyalty / of rivers in winter in this world, i think
I have taken refuge / in the resolution of conflict instinct
I imagined myself forgiven Intricate ceiling patterns
I joined / the Memorial Day caravan Introduced, I imagined her
I know you, you devour attention interlude
I often wondered / if she felt Intricate, spiral-coiled weave of sharp edges
I recall that intensity / of the wind-blown Is there enough time...for the things we each dream as we hurry?
I said goodbye / to Beale Street It pulls my thoughts home
I watched / the winter light die from the bridge It's been a while / since we'd been here
I would miss / this benign rush of nature It's easy to ponder the science
Icarus, later It's only now a short time
Ike flies to Geneva, 1953 I've gotten used to one-sidedness
illumination I've slowly, I thought, gotten used to the rain
i'm in the mood for the summer again  

- J -

japanese restaurant Journey West
Jarrell, Randall - Favorite Poets & Poetry just being there is enough sometimes:
Joshua Tree National Park Justice, Donald - Favorite Poets & Poetry

- K -

Kantele / speaks for me Kites seek the wind here,

- L -

L.A. Harbor ledges
L.A. in the rain -- Left of the Afternoon - 2006-07 collection
L.A. rain Lemon Passage
Lands - 2008 collection lemons
Lands Let me enjoy this late-summer day of my heart
Lanier, Sidney - Favorite Poets & Poetry light emerging
Last Days of May lines
Last Days of May -- Fall '98 collection lines of our lives converging, diverging
Last light Links page
last summer's leaves, the discards Lions
late August Long Beach decides it's now Winter
lately, the silence - Winter '99 collection Long Beach Autumn
leaves Long Beach still-life
leaves dangling -- Long Beach Winter
Leaves, settling Long, Heather - readings , Favorite Poets & Poetry
leaving Capistrano Lorelei recalled

- M -

Mais, Michele - sunsets, singer, Summer '98 collection migrating
mass miscommuniation
Matt's Manifesto moment
Meeting, we'd tell our stories Moore, Marianne - Favorite Poets & Poetry
Medi(t)ation movement
melancholy Moving (Tao of)
Memorial Day - Sequoia muse
Memphis Zoo: White Tigers my cat wants me to come out and play:
Messenger, of a change in inherent skies my poet is lost in her thoughts again
Miami Beach evening My sleep -- safe
Mid-life Pastoral  

- N -

Not enough study / has been done

- O -

oblong and plump, they flaunt their perfection Of precise / diamond cut
Oceanside II (Colors) oh, to dream of floating again
Oceanside III (falling) Ohio
Oceanside V (Leann) On Osaka mornings
Oceanside VII (Vanessa) On silent midnight sea
Oceanside VIII (Jellyfish) On the Airplane (Travels with Dad - I)
Oceanside IX (To a dead loon) On the stark platform
Oceanside X (Footsteps) On the Water's Edge - Fall / Winter '97 collection
ocelot oracle
Ode to the muse outfall
of experience  

- P -

Page, P.K. - Favorite Poets & Poetry Pervasive Transport -- Spring '00 collection
parting persistence
Pirates Parrots of 2nd Street - 2003 collection Platform #2
passage Plath, Sylvia - Favorite Poets & Poetry
Passage through August - home page , about the site Pound, Ezra - Favorite Poets & Poetry
Passion took the bus predator
past perfect Punctuate / your dark dance
portent Pruning the rosebush

- Q -

quick flash of brown...skims above the ground

- R -

rain revisited Remembering Carol -- a collection
raising our eyes for a toast remembering carol
rampart remembrances
rampart -- a special collection Spring / Summer '99 respite
Randall, Dudley - Favorite Poets & Poetry Return
readings Returning to the water
Realization Revel in winds' words / child of the elements
reception right now, i stand, my feet firmly
Reed, Henry - Favorite Poets & Poetry Roads
reflecting rock ponderings
refraction Rose Garden (Travels with Dad - VI)

- S -

Sakura Shoreside (Travels with Dad - IV)
Santa Monica Mountains Short Poems (2006-07)
Santa Monica Pier shoulder
Saskatchewan Signs in the language of traffic - Summer '00 collection
Scrap everything! Frustration flares, simile
seagull singer
search Sitting Bull's gone,
Seascape skaters
seasons Skaters on thin ice
Seattle before the rush hour Sketchbook - Spring '98 collection
Serene siren, my fellow traveler so I've thought every time just who are you --
Serengeti so now what? she turns and faces
Settling affairs of the heart so secretly vulnerable, you child,
Sexton, Anne - Favorite Poets & Poetry Social Event
shores, revisited Sojourn
She builds walls "soon", I would say
she counts recollections spaces
She drapes courage / across her shoulder sparrow
She gathers us then specialization
she goes with ghosts again Spring '98 collection - Sketchbook
She holds me gently / in conversation Spring '99 collection - Glass Panes
she intense in her fear, Spring '00 collection - Pervasive Transport
she lays me down gently, her ragdoll sprouting
she never wonders what happened to him Stages
she paints / sunsets with words stoics
she placed her dreams / in my hand Standing alone by the ocean at twilight I watched
She prefers / the safe walls of homes [still life with cups and plates]
She regards her life's colors -  Stones' lengthy silence
she reminds of black coffee: strangers
she soars like a hawk, dangerously circling study in progeny
she sows contemplation Summer '98 collection - Under a Sky
she stands, resolute Summer '99 collection - Vacancies
she turns her back, a signal to me Summer '00 collection - Signs in the language of traffic
She was like / Joni Mitchell Summer evening
she wears her melancholy well summer shore
She's the goddess on the terrace overlooking the beach Sunday
She's the soft sultry kitten Romping at play on the beach Sunset Beach
Ships Passing sunsets

- T -

2001 Collection - Carambique They possess it completely,
2002 Collection - Catal They traveled their alleys of circumstance
2003 Collection - Pirates Parrots of 2nd Street third date
2004 Collection - 3 Rivers this buried effort, a seed
2005 Collection - bounding of Elements This business of poetry writing: It really begins to disgust me, Lord Byron
2006-07 Collection - Left  of the Afternoon this child on the jetties,
2007 Collection - Autumn Crossing this dance that we're dancing
Tabled bareness' remnant scents this day goes slowly
Tacking the Lemon Passage again this fear of flying: all this effort involved in leaving the ground
taking my place by the river, This is not / a point along the way
TALGO this miscommunication: missed communications,
tempered This one-way flight / never regained
Tennyson, Alfred - Favorite Poets & Poetry This public place
The art of letting learned slowly thought for Thursday
The band wears Bavarian hats threads
The churches / are never the same here, only us 3 Rivers - 2004 collection
The Constellation's a proud bird throw yourself / to the sky
The conversational currents / are fluid boundaries to a blade
the currents flow different directions, to a coil of razor-wire
The dots of destinations To look at the face of a road:
The Horrible Girl To look in / the face of the lioness
The Last Session, a new musical To meet    Janet Buck
The moth's aimless flight To my daughter at 21
The Renaissance men are aging now, to the encountered
The reassurance / of arroyo trails Today, I thought / that things
the rocks will just sit there Today, the clouds are timid,
The sheep don't bother me too much Tomorrow's Thursday again,
The sun doesn't venture Traveling north / along the coast in her car
the writer, a cynic Travels with Dad series - 2007
There isn't much here for me any more Travels with Jane
These are the last days of May tree still-life
these children that play in the sand Tribute
These, our equilibrium days trying to wing her way back
They faced absolution / in the friction Twisted cactus, I fear those thorns
They fear their own flight two shores, apart...a river joins them together
They look almost perfectly normal  

- U -

Understand the language of Fall approaching Under a Sky - Summer '98 collection
Under a Sky upon the water's edge i fear to turn
Under a sky there is only today --

- V -

Vacancies - Summer '99 collection  version
Vanilla Tigers - bored panting Vienna, December 1999
Vasco Da Gama's Resolve (1522)

- W -

wait When she was living
waiting who really knows you mysterious stranger next door
Waiting for the dawn's / early rain echoes Williams, William Carlos - Favorite Poets & Poetry
waiting...for the waiting to end wing
waking each morning / she feeds the cat Winter '98 Collection - After the Rains
walls Winter '99 Collection - lately, the silence
water's edge word games
when I once was -  

- X -

- Y -

Yballe, Raechelle - Favorite Poets & Poetry you said, chasing sunsets will blind you
Yet You, that old man who paints upon the seashore
Yo, Muse! Pull up a stool as I whine and complain You welcome strangers to hallways
You can't / said my sister / bound buildings / like Superman You're bound to have heard of the Horrible Girl --
You haunt me...thief of my thoughts your crowd with their casual sense
You make this look easy...soaring on nothing  

- Z -

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