Columbine III
Lockheed Constellation - "Columbine III",
Eisenhower's presidential airplane, 1955
Ike flies to Geneva, 1953

The Constellation's
a proud bird,
propellers (like the nation that made it)
thrashing the wind
into screaming submission.
Below, continents, oceans
continue in statesman-like passage,
nations wait to be heard
a few hours from now --
(better sleep while I can)

 Jon Bohrn (2002)
Vasco da Gama's resolve (1522)

I imagined myself forgiven,
allowed to follow the tradewinds
to their home, south by south-west.
March nibbles the air,
I will live again when the fleet, 
having set boisterous sails
will have bound its return.

 Jon Bohrn (2002)
Gama (gme, gme), Vasco da 1460?-1524 Portuguese explorer and colonial administrator. The first European to sail to India (1497-1498), he opened the rich lands of the East to Portuguese trade and colonization.


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