Catal - the 2002 Collection

Dear Readers:

I went back to school this year, because I wanted to (someday) get my graduate degree.  Thanks to a multitude of school projects, as well as the camaraderie of my fellow students, I became increasingly aware of what a wonderful thing our diversity is.  I deeply believe that since each of us strives to reconcile our identity, aspirations and talents with the culture and ideals that shaped us, those gifts handed down to us quietly contribute to all we are part of.  

I began to explore this topic in the 2002 collection, titled Catal.   I felt that each of us serves as a conduit between the often-mundane events we observe of the outside world, and our inner values and beliefs.  I think it is important to be aware of how our perceptions uniquely identify us, evoke our memories, determination and aspiration.  It is, after all, who we are that ultimately allows us to lend profoundness and meaning to events around us.


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Catal Huyuk
Catal Huyuk - Oldest known human settlement located on the Konya Plain in S. Turkey.
Artist's conception of community approx. 6500-5800 B.C.


the collection:

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