She paints
sunsets with words,
oceans’ vowels
rushing flocks of
seagulls in symbols,
my pages of white
longing for palettes.

Distances’ mystery
two continents, 
the gloves that 
separate us 
from touch, 
fingers trace warmth, nails 
crossing skin, yielding.

can seek journeys,
writing thoughts
into bare sky
in lieu of wings.

© Jon Bohrn (2002)






“pictures of you in oil paint and glass”

lips brush
over edge
wine was white
no innocence in alcohol
are easily found
not made
but soft and warm

brush paints
lips in redness
on edges
of smooth-
cloth was white
no innocence in your image
curves and slopes
of pale, sometimes red
captured on the palette

sounds of shattering glass do not distract the diligent painter.  

© 1998 Alexandra Ekkelenkamp



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