to the encountered

Revel in windsí words
child of the elements,
feral cat, beloved,
cautiously accepting morsels
fed to you in this strangerís
frantic excess, 
approaching, retreating,
the pendulum ends of a string
instinctive gorging, retreat 
follows our cycle
our continued encounter, 
how long?

Weíre learning, you and I
the pain of
the unfamiliar,
replaced piece by piece
by the pain of
familiar flaws;
standing ground, giving,
delivering independence
into hands possessing 
yearned, unknown offerings.

Now that the novelty
of encounter 
has given way to 
our mutual charting of faults
what will we decide
face to face,
gazes entwined,
our body heatís deepening imprints 
and the passage of time, 
so unfathomable.

© Jonathan Bohrn (2004)

hands cradling sculpture
hands cradling sculpture
unknown artist


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