The 2004 Collection

Dear Readers:

Rivers have characterized our civilizations since we first began to record time.  We have cried by their banks, built our settlements by them, charted and explored them.  As we developed, we learned to channel them and build bridges across them, measuring our societies' progress by the scope of our engineering projects.  Rivers have been our boundaries, our protectors, our scourges and our sanctuaries.  Maybe most importantly to the human spirit, they have also been the source of some of our most inspiring journeys and legends.  3 Rivers

There is a place called Three Rivers in California that nestles the Sierra Nevada mountains.  It’s a great place to go to when you’re done with a tough week or a tough lifetime, and if you’re very lucky, you’ll be able to go there with someone you love.  Like many other places that are characterized by the joining of three rivers, it can be as much of a symbolic, as a physical destination.  Like other places that share its name, it lives with the encroachment of civilization.  Each person who visits chooses to bring reverence or exploitation.  I sometimes wonder: Can we, being what we are, reconcile ourselves with our surroundings any better than can reconcile ourselves with our own selves?  And is the way we view the world around us – as something to be appreciated or controlled - a measure of our personal growth? 

So, maybe, that is what the 3 Rivers collection represents – Our seeking of nature, refuge and habitat, both within and outside of us.  To reconcile all three with our temptation to alter them and bend them to our will is, ultimately, a process of coming to a better understanding of ourselves, as well as of the world around us.


Best wishes,

Jon Bohrn

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3 Rivers

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