In a house
looking down
where the seagulls
live by the ocean,
a peeling railing
around the veranda
like a husbandís embrace

On the sand,
she spreads a blanket,
an occurrence separated
by the flow of years,
once before her children
were born,
then as a mother,
then, as herself

In the evening chill
walls breathe out sunlight
to the clatter
of dinner plate, one
bowl and spoon, she
listens to
love songs in solitude,
the last of the day
ebbs through windows,
an overlook
where the seagulls
go to sleep on the rocks
and the ocean
leaves and returns
to the tideís call

© Jonathan Bohrn (2008)



Veranda, Lighthouse at Punta Sur in Cozumel, Mexico
Photograph © Susie Clevenger


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