The 2008 collection

Dear Readers:

The 2008 collection is titled Lands. We humans are creatures of the land.  Despite our fascination with mastering the sea and air, anthropologically, we are built for walking vast distances across the land, traversing continents and land bridges in our aspiration for discovering new habitats.

Maybe our most profound inspiration occurs in preparing for these journeys and starting off in a never-before attempted leave familiar sites for the promise of something we hope to be better, journeying new landscapes, traversing the water's edge, leaving the certainty of the ground for what we hope may be a better destination.  Yet throughout any journey, I think that the reflection of the explorer reconciles, in their spirit, what they have known at the beginning, with all the new discoveries they are presented with on their journey.  The explorer evolves with the changing landscape.

Lands, then is my attempt to explore the explorer's discovery of the changes within, as he/she deals with the changing landscape of their journey.



Best wishes,

Jon Bohrn



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High Desert Fall - Richard McKinley

High Desert Fall
pastel, Richard McKinley


First Light / Last Light


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