past perfect
when I once was -
when sure waves of confident being
still pounded strong shores,
when iris dawns’ blush
roared in like seashell-whorled memories
denying knowledge of nights
when the clouds gathered ash
from sealed fates
of childhood’s shanties abandoned.
when I once was -
when rendered light of strong purpose
struck weak walls with glowing desire
leaving their shadows to shiver,
when hands fed
on sights’ soundless conquests,
when words spread promising wings
on future’s horizon
while angels, abandoned,
practiced harsh landings
on steel-surface glances.
when I once was -
when having been perfect in trying
to scale cliff faces’ impatient demands,
when skating the slippery smiles
of sleeting peers’ jealousies,
then the last scrape of wings
running aground
echoed a rose end --
a sea gleaming thorns, sky smeared blood,
and red petals, fast sinking.
Jon Bohrn (2000)


past perfect noun, also pluperfect (pl-pr’fkt) adjective
1. Grammar. Of, relating to, or being a verb tense used to express action completed before a specified or implied past time.
2. More than perfect; supremely accomplished; ideal



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