The Spring '00 Collection


Dear Readers:

The Spring 2000 collection is titled Pervasive Transport. I've been thinking that life somehow seems to be a process of always leaving from somewhere, no matter how slowly. Transported physically, we trade time for distance. Transported by the passage of time, we trade time for experiences, wisdom, sometimes cynicism. Ultimately, isn't time our lives' medium of transport? It gives us distance and perspective, and hurls us through emotions, memories, and, of course, relationships. People, events and places approach, accompany us, and are sometimes left behind as life keeps moving us along. Life is time, and it continually transports us -- pervasively.

Pervasive Transport reflects on many of the things we encounter during this life-long process, looking inside ourselves and at what's around us. I am grateful to the many people who shared their stories and reflections that made this collection possible. I hope it can speak for all of us.


Best Wishes,


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Pervasive Transport

the collection:


Matt's Manifesto

days of passage



past perfect

thought for Thursday



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