Under a sky
Under a sky
there is only today --
from a dawn I can almost remember,
I follow the path of the sun.
I will look to my own sky,
will learn this life's art
of living beneath it;
the sky of my birth,
my lifelong companion
its endless blue spaces,
where clouds play the path
of a wandering sun;
a sky stretching timeless,
my best-laid plans
could never embrace all it holds,
and from where I now stand
I never again will touch yesterday,
only the here and the now.
I will follow my own sky,
to travel beneath it
on my life's passage
from now into twilight,
not hiding from the passing of time
and stand beneath it alone
in the midst of the people
whose lives I will touch
as the world changes with me
hour by hour, under a sky
countless others
have looked to in awe
since beginning of time,
that now is my life's sky --
the one I'll embrace with my eyes.
Jon Bohrn (1998)



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