The Summer '98 Collection


Dear Readers:

The Summer '98 collection is titled "Under a Sky". After the playful experimentation of "Sketchbook" (Spring '98), I wanted to return to the discipline and cohesiveness of last year's "On the Water's Edge." I have always thought of that collection as some of my most definitive work, so I wanted to expand on its theme while giving the new collection a purpose of its own. I'd like to think I have done that. 

I once described "Water's Edge" as a threshold in a person's life, a coming to terms with their own fears, weaknesses and faults. "Under a Sky" then, is a statement of being, an acceptance of one's limitations, and the realization that there can be joy in appreciating the impermanence and fragility inherent in life. The characters portrayed in this collection are discovering a beauty and richness in their lives after having come to know who they and those around them are. If some of the selections reveal some melancholy, it's just my interpretation of that bitter-sweetness that constitutes many of life's memorable experiences.

With best regards,

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Under a Sky

the collection:


Under a sky - a statement of "being" -  as much as "water's edge" was.

light emerging - an "Ode to Dawn". 

clouds - if people share happiness, they will also share sadness. 

Athena - a "statement of incompatibility."

late August - that feeling of growing older.

edge - a first impression of someone not met.

Amanda (a grandfather's thoughts) -- The promise of the next generation.

migrating - a time to leave.

dusk - reflecting on each day gone by.

Ships passing - One of my favorites from last year, this romantic saga of two ships passing in the night has finally found a home in the "Sky" collection

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