Huntington Beach V (Late Fall)


The sun doesn't venture

too high in the sky anymore

its feeble rays now too timid

to claw at the air

or nibble my shoulders

and in the chill breeze

the ocean reaches

its cold arms lovingly

embracing the shivering sand


© Jon Bohrn (1998)

Huntington Beach VI (seagull)


You make this look easy

soaring on nothing

but sparklingblue sky

your world whirling past

in those tightly banked turns

that your wingtips,

brushing the airstream, control

without showing me quite

how it's done

And your eyes never moved

as you looked at me briefly -

an uninteresting

speck on the ground


© Jon Bohrn (1998)

Huntington Beach VII (digging in)


The ocean is restless

with winter approaching:

so they've piled up

the sand on the beach -

a mountainrange

blocking our view of the sea

and quietly, meanwhile,

the gray clouds descended

to settle down on the sand:

an eyelid cautiously squinting

in the face of a gathering storm


© Jon Bohrn (1998)



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