Gulf Coast, 1978
(for Elizabeth)

Forgive this letter after
thirty years, this unexpected
return to the Gulf in my thoughts,
the sun that morning
raising its head
like a beast from the water.
Numb from the gathering cold spread
from my arms to the silent boat’s bow
the water’s soft flow yielding 
to the subcutaneous cuts
of the paddle.  
Farewell was unexpected,
I imagined the shock of the impact,
your last thoughts, the sea of blood
on the pavement, regretting still
my absence that day, taking
the task of ferryman, 
you, my passenger, 
still speak to my thoughts 
the hardest part to this day,  
letting you go, ashes to water,
returning to what’s left.

© Jonathan Bohrn (2007)("Autumn Crossing")

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