The 2007 collection

Dear Readers:

The 2007 collection is titled Autumn Crossing During the year, I spent time hiking the same trail in the Santa Monica Mountains on two separate occasions, visits separated by two seasons and the change they brought to the landscape.  Revisiting familiar waypoints, I was struck by the difference the change of seasons had made to the place I remembered, not only to the physical aspects of earth and ground, but also how changes of color and texture in earth, vegetation and sunlight could put me in a place that seemed starkly different than the time I had been there before.  I wondered how much of that change was due to the passing of seasons, and how much was a result of my own perceptions and expectations that I had brought brought when I returned, wanting familiarity and not getting what I had expected. 

During the summer of 2007, my father and I revisited Europe, our former home, for the first time in forty years.  I had been apprehensive of the upcoming visit for a long time, fearing that treasured childhood memories would forcibly be replaced by what whatever new and unknown sights we would encounter there. Thankfully, the Europeans had taken good care of Europe in our absence and much of what we remembered was not only still there, but lovingly preserved.  Still, we were visitors to our former home, and for me, the passage of time revealed as much a change in myself, as it did to the buildings, landmarks and people we found upon our return visit.  Determining which part of the change I perceived came from within myself, and which part came from my surroundings ended up being as much an emotional as intellectual process.    

Revisiting familiar places, people and memories from the perspective of time passing can offer us a learning experience of our own selves, as much as of that which we re-encounter. If the places are the same, what can the contrast in our perceptions and emotions created by the passage of time tell us about ourselves?  If the perceive change in old friends and relations, how much of that perception is because we have changed in that time, as well? 

Autumn Crossing is about the change of time and seasons within us, this experiencing of seasons of the spirit within ourselves.  Reconciling our perception of our external environment with our own spirit is an ongoing, dynamic process of growth and learning a fitting reflection of our humanness.


Best wishes,

Jon Bohrn



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Autumn Crossing

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