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December 2013

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No new writing currently in progress, but website maintained and updated

While there is no new poetry at this time, the website has received updates to finally post the 2008 collection, and to make site navigation and graphics compatible with new browsers, proving that it is still being stoically maintained.

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated
Mark Twain (misquotation)

the 2008 collection is out, and took until the end of 2013 to put up on the web site. Please visit.

The Contemplating August Blog -

A companion page to the website featuring discourses on literature, poetry and philosophy.

(Updated sporadically.)

Blog Page

Please visit
favorites from the collections
a good place to begin reading.

This site is a collection of the Jonathan Bohrn chap books from 1997 on.  

Please also drop by a Passage through August, an anthology project where I am joined by some of my favorite poets writing on the subject of adulthood and maturity - this "journey" through life. Topics include our changing identity, aging, ancestry, culture and dealing with loss.   Please visit!