Memorial Day – Sequoia

I joined the
Memorial Day caravan
to Sequoia State Park,
a big event, reminiscent,
in ways, of a Woodstock
or Vegas.

L.A. traffic, 
the great wave
spills out of its basin,
inundating all
before its three-day retreat,
Teddy’s Legacy1 enduring again
Manifest Destiny’s
rushed descendants.

	It seemed rude
	to yell at a bear
	at my table
	(even if he wasn’t invited)
	he didn’t seem happy
	and I look undignified
	banging pots and pans
	in a panic.

For a while,
self-contained invaders’ cities 
stake their 
firm stand here;  
MacArthur’s promise2 delivered,
taunt canvas walls
enfold safely
our human stench.

© Jon Bohrn (2004)
1Teddy Roosevelt created the first of the National Park System in 1908.
2"I shall return." :-)

Sequoia Camping


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