shores, revisited

Guiding the banks of two shores
a river flows here, dividing
the green and the brown -
two opposites, their bond
a broad bandís flow, always leaving,
its surface
a skyís tale told
in its own current language, 
silence beneath.

	Willow companions, elegant fingers 
	obeying impulse, explore in
	Spring, cherry blossomsí hands enjoined 
	in their private dance, 
	pink floats' peaceful settlements, their
	farewells carried past, stately.

Charon, in his lifetime
might have understood
the passage of 
passing his bridges beneath;
after all, Ulysses, too, was hailed for taking the long way home; So
maybe the flow of
our thoughts is sufficient then, at times,
to find time in the sliding
of small rocks
down a river bank.

© Jonathan Bohrn (2004) 
see also shores

River Light
Oil painting by Shauna Shane


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