[contemplation – wings]

Tabled bareness’
remnant scents in
apricots and lilacs,
twilight’s slow gathering,
dayflies entrapped,
their amber of here and now,

I have contemplated
the mystery of wings -
flight an unfathomable attribute
like light’s subtle tints
they don’t have questions
for the air they carve or caress,
aloftness their unspoken bond.

of afternoon shadows,
rosebuds biding time,
African Violets greet
my garden’s passage,
the graves of childhood pets.

Bird with the broken wing,
finally, will you let me come close
so I will pretend
I can heal you?

     [Preparing to
     see off my love,
     I am practicing absence.]

© Jonathan Bohrn (2004)

Lilacs with bird
© 2004 Marko Tovares


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