[still life with cups and plates]

They faced absolution
in the friction
of skin and sweat intermingling,
arms and legs entwined in
mock battle, words, if any, 

Windows' cityscapes billow behind
the spring curtains, their occasional breeze 
a release from the 
encroachment of spaces;
closeness, an addiction
alternately yearned for
and cursed.

Cups and plates
stack like flesh, their 
yellow, red glazes' patterns 
practice approach and separation
repeated endlessly on circular surfaces,
travels broken by ignored contents.

Outside, the 
shoulders of neighboring houses
cast pastel colors, stucco 
cracks like wrinkles in beloved old faces,
and overhead, sighs of airplanes
still seeking safe ground.

 Jonathan Bohrn (2004)

Carambique Scenery 2004 J. Bohrn Archives


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