third date 

affairs of the heart,
is an art probably not
for the faint-hearted -
the rush of conversation
drowned by the dinner crowd
and the whack of menus
hope in small print at a price
clinking silverware
change dropped on tables
by patrons, like hope,
departing.  I wish I could, too,
but it would be rude,
though her thoughts
along that line at least,
are compatible,
hand-in-hand time
broken by
her animated articulations
verbal intimacy
buried by the band's second set,
food for thought
starved by the distractions
of a well-meaning waiter. 

Her parking meter
and the appetizers expired,
we leave, things unsaid,
left on the plates they're taking away,
table cleared
for the next couple arriving.

Jon Bohrn (2006)

dinner date - stock graphic


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