The 2005 collection

Dear Readers:

The 2005 collection is titled bounding of Elements.

Wandering the Southern California deserts for sometimes weeks at a time, Iíve often wondered what our element is as human beings.  Bound closely to the earth that holds us, yet so inspired by the open sky above in our awareness, aspiration, legends and symbols, which element can claim us as our home?  Although we must painfully scale the sides of mountains (or stand in line at the airport check-in) for height, we have, since the infancy of our civilizations, charted the course of birds, clouds and stars while seeking to travel our oceanís currents, learning the intricacies of navigation as we went along.  Are we creatures of the earth, bound by the sternness of gravity or can we claim our home in a different element, one that we seek and aspire to? 

Having (finally) finished graduate school, I started a new job where I am now creating a curriculum on, essentially, change within an organization.  Having done my graduate emphasis in Organizational Change and Conflict Resolution itís a wonderful fit for what Iíve wanted to do.  Stories are a key ingredient of human change and of reconciliation.  Maybe our ancestors, shivering on the open plains and constantly in fear of predators, already shared stories of how they envisioned their society could be without constant hunger or fear.  And in the process of human change, our understanding of seemingly irreconcilable viewpoints depends on each side listening to the otherís stories in order to begin to understand the person behind the issues.  And we continue to tell stories to this day.  Stories are composed of words, so words are important.  As a writer Iíve always been fascinated how people relate (and sometimes fail to relate) to each other.  So, yes, since words and stories are my tools, I like my new job very much even if they wonít let me do poetry readings there. 

Someone also once said that words are the gifts we humans can give each other if we choose to view them that way, because words at their best can move us, inspire us, heal us, bring us together.  Being a wonderfully human creation, words inherently seem to reflect the complexity within us, their creators. If words bond us and commit us to those we consider important to us, do their sometimes ambiguous meanings allow us the freedom to explore and meander within their gently flowing boundaries - ambiguities that we, as explorers and restless travelers, crave?

bounding of Elements may then be about a seeking of home, of our element, within the words we create and share - whether itís a comfortable harbor, an open sky, or the safe and familiar boundaries of the earth.  Ultimately, I believe our home is where our spirit chooses to dwell.  The stories we create will follow.


Best wishes,

Jon Bohrn

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cliffs where the seagulls live
cliffs where the seagulls live
graphic ©2006 Marko Tovares, source material © 2004 J. Bohrn Archives

bounding of Elements

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