The dots of destinations
are arranged with certitude, like
stars in the night sky 
seen from the window row,
the plane’s lights, banking
draw arcs that connect them
two at a time; 
cities’ arteries’ pulse life below, 
the thrum of airports and 
cabs’ tires on pavement
a familiar song, like Crosby, Stills
Nash & Young once sang 
about traveling alone, 
the next audience waiting.
The spaces of hotel rooms
and lecture halls are her evening sojourn
weeks at a time -- a moth’s lifespan,
the hum of voices
a Carole King melody
of solitude with a new group 
of strangers each night
and in the aftermath
threads of conversation
spun with warm stragglers
in the quiet of empty seat rows.

 Jonathan Bohrn (2007)
Taking off from LaGuardia
Taking off from LaGuardia
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