[Da Gama returns]

I have taken refuge
in travelogues, 
bare silk-screen images of 
evening cityscapes
giving in to a garish-clad sky;
a tourist romance,
postcard edges feathered
by the contents
of the bottle I lay with
with increasing faithfulness.

Cigar smoke spills
from the balcony, its flight
that of a skulking dog,
guilty tail between its legs.
Vasco Da Gama's return
if he'd had one
could have been like this -
The sway of mocking palm trees,
to purposeless ocean scenery
and in the now unseen harbor -
ships not his.

 Jonathan Bohrn (2004)
Gama (gme, gme), Vasco da 1460?-1524 Portuguese explorer and colonial administrator. The first European to sail to India (1497-1498), he opened the rich lands of the East to Portuguese trade and colonization.

boats at dusk
Evening Harbor
2004 Marko Tovares

See also: Vasco da Gama's resolve (2002)


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