The 2006/07 collection

Dear Readers:

The 2006/07 collection is titled Left of the Afternoon. I believe that despite our amazing capacity for change as humans, at heart we are seekers of afternoons, that elusive period of time when the day reaches its utmost competence after a morning’s length of striving and a hectic noon’s zenith.  Can we regard the seemingly timeless achievement of peaceful, radiant balance to be a reward, an opportunity to anticipate what will follow, or a gift of the moment to be fleetingly cherished?  I have believed, at different times in my life, all of these three philosophies, and you will have your own, as well.



Best wishes,

Jon Bohrn



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stucco in afternoon
©2006 Marko Tovares

Left  of the Afternoon

Icarus, later
contemplation - wings II
third date
in the park
Contemplation IV (Crow)
Belmont Shore
Short Poems


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