Remembering Carol - a collection


This is an ongoing collection that spans almost three years of writing. 
Carol, age 21 Carol, the subject of these poems, is a young woman who commits suicide at age 22. The poems bounce back and forth through periods of her life. Although I don't believe in spirits coming back from the dead to tell their stories through unsuspecting writers, I do find it strange that I never really recall actively creating the subject matter of each poem. Each one seemed to "come to me", almost ready-made. I just put it on paper, and there it was. I have acquired a deep respect and admiration for her as I worked my way from poem to poem. Despite her growing inner darkness, Carol is intelligent, wonderfully perceptive of her surroundings, and maintains a sense of humor in even her most demanding moments. When possible, I've left the poems in the order I've written them. Maybe that's how Carol wanted her story told...

Hwy 87 outside Scottsdale, AZ -- Carol arrives on the outskirts of Phoenix, running away from home.

remembering carol - A recollection from a friend's point of view at Carol's funeral.

ledges -- If you saw the movie "All that Jazz" (1979) you may remember Roy Scheider's character metaphorically flirting with death, which is essentially what Carol is doing here.

of experience - a mentor's manifest.



 to my daughter at 21 - The first of what would eventually be this collection, so it's  an early effort.

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