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2005 2004
bounding of Elements - 2005 collection 3 Rivers - 2004 collection

"Bounding of Elements" -- the 2005 collection

Bound closely to the earth that holds us, yet so inspired by the open sky above in our awareness, aspiration, legends and symbols, which element can claim us as our home?

"3 Rivers" -- the 2004 collection

Can we reconcile ourselves with our surroundings any more than we can with our own selves?  Our process of seeking of nature, refuge and habitat, both within and outside of us.

2003 2002
Catal - the 2002 collection

"Pirates Parrots of 2nd Street" -- the 2002 collection

We humans are migratory creatures, so many of us are thriving far from the places our ancestors came from, carrying our culture and stories with us.

"Catal" -- the 2002 collection

Each of us strives to reconcile our identity, aspirations and talents with the culture and ideals that shaped us.  It is, after all, who we are that ultimately allows us to lend profoundness and meaning to events around us.

2001 2000
Carambique - 2001 Collection hands of bridges - Fall/Winter '00 collection
"Carambique" -- the 2001 collection

Our present and past, often inseparable places in our thoughts' meandering.


"hands of bridges " -- the Fall/Winter '00 collection

There are times we must stop and observe the world around us, and, of necessity, observe ourselves as well.  These times in our lives are our own bridges, those interruptions in our travel that eventually bring us to places we could not have reached otherwise.

Signs in the language of traffic - Summer '00 collection Pervasive Transport - Spring '00 Collection
 "Signs in the Language of Traffic" -- the Summer '00 collection

We are the traffic that passes through each others' lives constantly -- sometimes as brief glimpses of mutual unawareness, other times sharing our journeys with one another. 

"Pervasive Transport" -- the Spring '00 collection

Ultimately, isn't time our lives' medium of transport? It gives us distance and perspective, and hurls us through emotions, memories, and, of course, relationships. Life is time, and it continually transports us -- pervasively.

lately, the silence - Winter '99 Collection Clouds, intervening - Fall '99 collection
"lately, the silence" -- the Winter '99 collection

Weathering the winter of our spirit. Like nature, we do not grow continually but must learn to accept our own winters and live through them.

"Clouds, intervening" -- the Fall '99 collection

Encountering the cloudy interludes in our lives. When all is said and done, we measure ourselves by how well we deal with life's trials, not by how we manage our victories.

Vacancies - Summer '99 Collection rampart - A special collection Glass Panes - Spring '99 Collection
"Vacancies" -- the Summer '99 collection

Our ongoing process of filling vacancies, not only in our lives, but in our creative environment as well.


"rampart" -- a special Spring/Summer '99 collection

rampart deals with conflict, strength and confrontation -- the fighting of battles to the best of our ability, tempered by the realization that we're human and will not win or even fight our battles forever.

Glass Panes" -- the Spring '99 collection

Glass Panes concerns itself with the responsibilities of poets and the observations of the things that make us human. Sometimes it's the act of observing that makes us human.

After the Rains - Winter '98 Collection Last Days of May - Fall '98 Collection
"After the Rains" -- the Winter '98 collection

After the Rains deals with a process of self-reflection, a coming to terms with our own development and that of those around us.

"Last Days of May" -- the Fall '98 collection

Last Days of May's theme is the breathless, expectant wait for an event to happen -- the realization that time is short, events must be cherished, and the making of memories can no longer be left for later. 

Under a Sky - Summer '98 collection Sketchbook - Spring '98 collections
"Under a Sky" -- the Summer '98 collection

Under a Sky is a philosophical statement of being, as well as the realization that there can be joy in appreciating the impermanence and fragility inherent in life. It expands the premise of On the Water's Edge (Fall/Winter '97).

"Sketchbook" -- the Spring '98 collection

Sketchbook is a gently aging collection of mostly quick, fun glimpses of people and things around us. A large part of the material, including the "Oceanside" poems, was written while I was "Poet-in-Residence" at the Blue Dolphin Inn in Panama City Beach, FL. There, we would gather on the beach nightly and recite poetry in the warm glow of friendship and inebriation.

1997 Experimental
On the Water's Edge - Fall/Winter '97 collection Remembering Carol - A collection
"On the Water's Edge" -- the Fall/Winter '97 collection

Water's Edge symbolizes a threshold in a person's life -- a rite of passage, an acceptance of our fears, weaknesses and faults. Despite its age, I still consider this one a classic.

"Remembering Carol" -- a collection

This experimental collection traces the last three years of Carol's life from various points of view.